Azure Stack HCI Catalog- Dell OpenManage Enterprise

If you are working with Dell, they provide a management tool called Dell OpenManage Enterprise where you can easily manage your hardware and firmware.
You can add servers to a group and then assign a ‘Catalog’ to that group. This catalog contains firmware information for Dell OME to download and install on the group. By default there is a catalog that uses the Dell public catalog with latest version.

Using Azure Stack HCI, it might be that some firmware version are not (yet) tested and validated for use. Therefor it’s important to always use the right firmware catalog, and Dell has one specifically for Azure Stack HCI nodes.

That part was fairly easy to understand, the issue I was having is how to add this as custom catalog to Dell OpenManage Enterprise.
As shown below, the format the default catalog and custom catalog are using is different. And that has waisted some time 🙂

The right format to input in the form is:

After that, everything works fine!

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One thought to “Azure Stack HCI Catalog- Dell OpenManage Enterprise”

  1. Hi Darryl, good spot. Not to forget the DELL Open Manage for Windows Admin Center also have cluster-aware* patching and access to either download or repository based on this tool.

    *needs perpetual WAC licensing and iDRAC Enterprise

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