Provisioning VM Networks

This script/Powershell functions can be used for (automatic) provisioning VM networks based on VLANs on existing Logical Network and switches in Virtual Machine Manager.

Create VM Network Function:
1. Check if VLAN already exist
2. Create Network site in logical network and add VLAN
3. Enable VLAN on Uplink Port Profile
4. Create VM Network

Remove VM Network Function:
1. Remove Logical Network Definition from Uplink Port Profile
2. Remove VM Network
3. Remove Logical Network Definition from Logical Network

   Provisioning VM Networks
   Add and Remove VM Networks on VLAN-based Logical Networks
   CreateVLAN -LogicalNetwork = "Tenant Network" -VLANName = "Blue Network" -VLANID "999" -$VLANSubnet "" -Hostgroup = "Amsterdam"
   RemoveVLAN -LogicalNetwork = "Tenant Network" -VLANName = "Blue Network"
   Version 1.0 - Initial Script
   Written by Darryl van der Peijl
   Date: 23.05.2014
   Check Uplink Port Profile name on line 40
   Use at own risk

Function CreateVMNetwork {

Download the script from the TechNet Gallery:

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