Get-MgmtSvcRelyingPartySettings bug fixed

In Windows Azure Pack UR4 I discovered a bug concerning the Get-MgmtSvcRelyingPartySettings cmdlet.
I’m proud to say this is fixed in the upcoming UR5 release which also contains the following features and bugfixes:

– Differencing disks are now optional in the VM Role when used with VMM UR5. (This got the fourth highest number of votes in the IaaS category on UserVoice! We are listening, keep giving us the feedback!)

– Support for SQL Server Resource Governor with SQL Server 2014. Now you can create Plans with limits to what/how much SQL Server resources can be consumed by tenants. For more info click here.

– Support for disabling native Network Resource Provider to allow 3rd party Network Resource Providers integration with Azure Pack.

– Tenants can now see information about what type of memory (dynamic/static) their VMs have, along with corresponding Memory Startup and Maximum values.

Get-MgmtSvcRelyingPartySettings PowerShell cmdlet returns the settings of the correct namespace.

I used the following video to show the productteam the bug.
If your interested in the background, take a look 🙂!975&authkey=!AGheLYjvOQTej18&ithint=video%2cmp4

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