Windows Server Summit – S2D recap

Yesterday (26th of June, 2018) Microsoft held the Windows Server Summit which was mainly focused, not a surprise, on Windows Server.
I think this is a great thing, exposure of Windows Server and all the cool capabilities we got since the 2016 release, which IMHO are underexposed and buried under the Azure marketing.

Although many subjects were touched, I am doing a highlight recap on everything Storage Spaces Direct related.
You can see all sessions and find more information here:


CRN’s 2017 Products Of The Year

I completely missed this in December, apparently Storage Spaces Direct won the ‘Software-defined Storage’ award for 2017 by CRN.
See and

Deduplication enabled in Windows Server 2019

Easy configurable using Windows Admin Center.


Cluster Witness on a USB stick

In Windows Server 2019, you can now use a USB stick for your cluster witness, especially handy in smaller environments.

Larger Maximum Scale


Better IO monitoring and insights

Windows Server 2019 does better IO monitoring and records every IO. With this information we can see latency issues on specific disks:

Windows Server 2019 includes a new powershell cmdlet which we can use:Ā Get-PhysicalDiskIoReport


100% Faster Mirror-Accelerated Parity

Go see the sessions! FREE

Go see the sessions for all the background information, Cosmos Darwin from the Storage Spaces Direct team talks you through it all.

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  1. What do i need to install to get the Get-PhysicalDiskIoReport Cmdlet? It’s not found on a fully patched WS 2019 šŸ™

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