Add Network Adapter to SET (Switch Embedded Teaming)

In this short blog I’m going to show how to add a network adapter to a SET switch team. With Windows Server 2016 Microsoft released a new way of teaming called “Switch Embedded Teaming” also known as SET. With SET we have to ability to create a team which is part of the virtual switch. More information here.

Add / Remove network adapters from a SET team

For adding or removing network adapters from a SET team you can use the following powershell cmdlets:

$VMSwitch = Get-VMSwitch -Name "VMSwitch"
Add-VMSwitchTeamMember -VMSwitch $VMSwitch -NetAdapterName "Ethernet","Ethernet 2"


$VMSwitch = Get-VMSwitch -Name 'VMSwitch'
Set-VMSwitchTeam -VMSwitch $VMSwitch -NetAdapterName "Ethernet","Ethernet 2"




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3 thoughts to “Add Network Adapter to SET (Switch Embedded Teaming)”

  1. $vswitch = Get-VMSwitch -Name “vswitch”
    Add-VMSwitchTeamMember -VMSwitch $VMSwitch -NetAdapterName “Ethernet”,”Ethernet 2″

    there is a small mistake 🙂

    $VMSwitch should be $vswitch

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